Over Forty Liberal Broken Promises

Photo: Alex Tétreault, National Observer

The Liberals have broken more promises than we can count, and have no regrets.       

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals made over 300 promises before and during the last election.   Over 40 are broken already. They refer to many others as “not being pursued” or “under way with challenges,” both of which mean broken.  

When so many promises are broken with no change of conditions and no good explanation, voters know they were duped. Such broken promises are a breach of trust that robs voters of their democratic choice. Such a high number of broken promises demonstrates incredible arrogance.  

Canada could do so much better with a leader with integrity, Andrew Scheer. Send me to Ottawa to work with Andrew on your behalf.     

To be fair, there are times in government when significant unexpected changes of conditions might make keeping an election promise bad for the country. For example, a major terrorist attack, a war, a recession, or even a minority government. But none of those apply in this case.  The Liberals just polled and promised to win the last election, with no integrity.

According to Trudeaumeter they’ve broken 40:   https://trudeaumetre.polimeter.org/

The mother of all Justin Trudeau’s broken promises was that the Liberals would have modest deficits up to $10 B and balance the books in four years. This was a ruse to make his wild spending promises appear affordable.

The Liberals also promised they would end of the first-past-the-post voting system, bring back door-to door mail delivery in Oakville and elsewhere, have free votes for Liberal MPs (outside their platform, Charter and confidence matters) reduce the small business tax to 9%, and end omnibus bills in parliament.  All broken.

I particularly remember seniors telling me they would vote for Oakville Liberal candidate John Oliver because he promised them he would return their door-to-door mail delivery. That was never going to happen.

John Oliver is now promising a national pharmacy-care program to win the next election. Free drugs for everyone. But with over 100 promises broken or not being pursued who can trust the Liberals to keep any promise?   

The promise of transparent government, for example Access to Information laws applying to Minister’s offices, the PMO and the courts is dead, and for a chuckle watch this video of Justin Trudeau’s Parliamentary Assistant NOT answering a question in the House, which happens daily in parliament, including a refusal to tell Canadians what the carbon tax will cost families.           


Here is one of our star Conservative female MPs Michelle Rempel patiently asking the Minister of Finance 15 questions regarding gender-based analysis of the carbon tax in his budget repeatedly, while he repeatedly evades and refuses to answer any of them, an insult to parliament and all Canadians.    


This Liberal government has become the most secretive I’ve seen.  I believe in transparency, fought for it for 18 years, and want to go back to Ottawa in 2019 to help ensure it is truly practiced in government. I need your support to make this happen.    


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