Vanessa’s Law Not Enforced

“There are some MPs who are such a force for people they should be elected no matter what party they are in. Terence is definitely one.”

–  Dr. Nancy Olivieri, medical doctor and researcher

Vanessa Young, age 15, just months before she died in 2000 from a prescription drug.

As MP I conceived a powerful bill to protect Canadians named after my daughter: Vanessa’s Law: The Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act; and galvanized both houses of parliament to pass it without dissent.  

But 3 1/2 years after Royal Assent the law is still not being enforced by the Liberals. In fact, they haven’t passed any regulations to empower the bill at all, and the draft regulations would gut its powers. This is ominous for patients. Send me back to Ottawa to ensure this does not stand.   

I understand this issue better than anyone and have a duty to go to Ottawa to defend Vanessa’s Law and ensure it is enforced.  

Every death is a tragedy. The Liberals have issued only one safety warning so far under the act, in May 2018 on opioids. This was too little and too late for the thousands Canadians who have died from opioid overdoses, and the 14 that die every day, let alone the hundreds of thousands who followed their prescriptions as directed and became addicted.   

Over ten thousand Canadians die every year due to prescription drugs used as prescribed with no error. Yet Health Canada keeps potentially life-saving information from drug trials secret for their “partners” in the Big Pharma companies, a clearly dangerous practice. Potentially life-saving information like how many people were injured or died during drug trials that must be transparent, as it is in the U.S.   

I spent eighteen years of my life fighting for transparency about the true risks of prescription drugs to patients.

The cover-ups were supposed to end under Vanessa’s Law. Yet the government has put up so many roadblocks, nothing has changed.  

Send me to Ottawa to ensure that Vanessa’s Law does not continue to sit on a shelf collecting dust while patients are harmed and die.  

My track record shows I won’t back down when it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones. That is the only kind of resolve that will move parliament.  


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