People Can’t Afford a Carbon Tax on Everything

The carbon tax will make life tougher for families and low-income Canadians by increasing the cost of everything we buy, including home heating fuel and gas to get to work. (In time it will also drive up the cost of public transit)

It is a tax you can’t see and can’t escape. How much will it cost you?

The leader that promised transparency will not tell parliament how much it will cost ordinary people no matter how may times the Conservatives ask.  

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has announced he will repeal the carbon tax right after the next election as Prime Minister. I’m with him. 

Carbon taxes are based on an unproven theory that in a cold country where the population centres are very far apart carbon taxes will cause ordinary people to use less carbon fuels (as if fuels aren’t expensive enough already).        

It will certainly kill well-paying jobs. The Liberals essentially admitted that in August when they reduced the tax for the worst corporate industrial polluters!

What about the low-income people and families that voted for you Justin? What are you doing to them?   

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