Liberal MP crosses the floor to the Conservatives!

Justin Trudeau is leaving average Canadians to despair that “their tomorrow will (not) be better than today, and that their children’s future will (not) be better than their’s.” With these words in Parliament Liberal MP Leona Alleslev, who is fed up with the command and control as well as broken promises, has done perhaps the hardest thing to do in parliament: to walk away from your caucus, party and leader. It is accordingly a rare event and requires courage. It does not surprise me. I can only imagine what kind of summer John Oliver and the other Liberals have had at public events listening to complaints about over 40 broken promises, huge deficits and failures to build pipelines or get a NAFTA deal. (“But Mr. Oliver, you promised me to return home delivery of my mail!”).

How many promises can one leader break? We are finding out. I know one Christian Parish in Oakville whose teens lost $400,000 worth of summer jobs because they refused to “attest” that their beliefs were not the core beliefs that Justin Trudeau and John Oliver demanded: You must believe what we believe or no summer jobs for you! Shame on them. This won’t be the last Liberal to walk away from Justin Trudeau’s sunny ways.

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