More evidence that a carbon tax will do nothing to reduce greenhouse gasses.

Trudeau’s federal carbon tax is coming to Ontario on January 1st. Unless he backs down and breaks yet another promise.

Note: You know you need a new government when the best you can hope for is that the current government will break yet another promise!

Do you waste any energy in your family?  We don’t. We drive fuel efficient cars and drive less than before. I have a lifelong habit inherited from my father of turning off lights as I leave a room. Gloria watches our house temperature like a hawk to save energy and uses heavy appliances off-hours.

So a carbon tax on everything would not change anything for us except raise the cost of everything we buy. But we are lucky. Many people have to choose between buying groceries and paying their electricity bill.

When did it become OK for governments to create hardship for working people?

But if the CEO of WestJet is right and the airline industry in Canada is killed by this tax, visiting our granddaughter in Edmonton would get very expensive. Imagine Air Canada prices if they had a monopoly.

WestJet earns $14 profit on each passenger and the carbon tax would diminish that, making price increases necessary, or the cancellation of many routes. Or both.

And how many discount American airlines will want to fly those routes in Canada and pay extra for fuel before they take off again?

The bottom line is people won’t stop flying. Passengers will simply fly more out of U.S airports and on U.S airlines, emitting greenhouse gasses into our common air to boost the U.S. economy instead of ours.

“A carbon tax is probably the worst tool that you can envisage for aviation if you want to reduce emissions,” says Massimo Bergamini, an airlines lobby group spokesperson.

The Liberals have already lowered the carbon tax for our largest industrial polluters, because they finally figured out industry can take their jobs to the U.S. and keep polluting at no extra cost.

The carbon tax is calculated to cost airlines in Canada $1 B billion/year by 2020.

Will the Liberals back down on the carbon tax for airlines as well, leaving home owners across Canada to subsidize big industry by $ 1B /year?

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