Who Supports Terence?

I am pleased to support Terence Young for the Oakville CPC nomination to become our next MP again. Terence has a proven track record of working hard for our community and getting the job done. He is knowledgeable, dedicated, accessible and he deeply cares about the people of Oakville.

– Oakville Town Councillor Natalia Lishchyna    

“Terence was a great advocate in the House of Commons and caucus for vulnerable people, especially patients at risk.”   

-Candice Bergen, MP Portage-Lisgar, Manitoba

“Terence possesses those leadership qualities so rare in government today – impeccable character with unwavering commitment to family, community and country.”  

– Bev Shipley MP, Lampton-Kent-Middlesex     

“Terence’s combination of expertise, experience and passion make him the ideal candidate to defeat the Liberals in the next election and help Andrew Scheer become the next Prime Minister of Canada.”

– James Bezan MP, Selkirk -Interlake- Eastman, Manitoba

“I am pleased to endorse Terence Young as the candidate for Oakville. His hard work and passionate advocacy especially on health issues will make him a strong voice for your community”

– Marilyn Gladu MP, Sarnia-Lambton

“Informed by his faith, Terence is a man who puts his principles ahead of expediency.”

– Harold Albrecht MP, Kitchener- Conestoga

“Leadership requires the courage to act in government with good conscience, and Terence always does.”    

– Mae Scatliff, Oakville Resident

“Terence is a man with an enormous heart.

– Paula Boshoff, Oakville Resident

“Terence is a man of integrity with the experience needed to get things done. Canada needs him back in Ottawa.”  

– Mark Warawa MP, Langley -Aldergrove B.C.

“What people respect about Terence Young is his willingness to speak the truth and go against the popular or accepted view.”  

– Ruth S, Consultant

“Terence speaks truth to power with class.”

-Michael Abrahams, Oakville resident and former CPC Association President 

“Terence is highly respected in Oakville and missed as our MP. He is the only one who can win back Oakville in 2019.”  

– Harbans Lama, longtime CPC member and Oakville resident

“Terence is a tireless community advocate for our issues, needs and aspirations in Oakville while at the same time being completely engaged within the local community.

– Jeff Knoll, Oakville Town and Regional Councillor

“There are some MPs who are such a force for people they should be elected no matter what party they are in. Terence is definitely one.”

–  Dr. Nancy Olivieri, medical doctor and researcher

“Terence Young is a strong advocate for not only the citizens of Oakville, but for all Canadians. His commitment to safe drug laws for Canadian consumers is well respected across all party lines.”

– Collin Carrie MP, Oshawa

“An extremely effective MP for Oakville, and Canada. We need him back in Ottawa! ”

– Larry Miller MP, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

“Terence has been a strong advocate for the people of Oakville, he always puts the people first.”

 – Mike Chong MP, Wellington-Halton Hills

“Terence was always a voice of reason and principle in caucus, speaking honestly and clearly on the issues..”

– Bruce Stanton MP, Simcoe North

“Terence’s work…is driven out of true principle and strong character. I was honoured to serve with Terence.”

-Peter MacKay, former MP

“Terence’s knowledge as a businessman, expertise on the pharmaceutical industry and ferocious defense of his constituents make him an extraordinary colleague to have on the Conservative Team in parliament.” 

– David Sweet MP, Ancaster-Dundas- Flamborough-Westdale  

“Terence is compassionate, and fearless in using parliamentary power to help vulnerable people. ”  

– Stella Ambler, former Conservative MP, Mississauga South

“Terence Young proves that a single MP can make a difference in Canada.”

-Peter Van Loan, Former MP York-Simcoe

“Terence has an exceptional record of proven leadership, experience and dedication.”

– Rob Nicholson MP, Niagara Falls

“Terence is a driven, principled man that has always put the welfare of his constituents and riding above all else.”

-Alice Wong MP, Richmond-Centre

“Mr. Terence Young I cannot thank you enough.. we are honoured to support the work you do to fight human trafficking and it is important that we honour your service.”

-Shae Invidiata, Founder, [free them] Helping Free 27 Million People in Slavery

“Terence’s tremendous advocacy for Canadian patients has been second to none in Canada’s parliament. He never quits.”

– Blaine Calkins MP, Red Deer, AB

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