Urgent Safety Alert for all Canadians: please read this and forward it

Over 9000 Canadians have died in relation to opioid overdoses in the last 3 years.

What is not generally known is that hundreds of these deaths occurred because patients innocently combined opioid painkillers with the following drugs used by millions of Canadians: atavan, Valium, clonazepam, Xanax, diazepam, lorazepam, alprazolam and clonazepam – drugs known as benzodiazepines.

Chances are you know someone taking a benzodiazepine. If they are mixing these types of drugs or considering doing so they should call their doctor immediately for prescribing advice.

After researching these issues for 19 years I know these deaths will continue to grow until the government of Canada acts under the powers in Vanessa’s Law.

The first thing the government should do is issue safety warnings on these combinations in major media outlets.

I mean full page adds, radio ads, on-line ads and TV ads with a 1-800 # medical professionals actually answer to guide patients.

Since they plan to give away $100 M a year to major media outlets anyway, why not serve the public while doing so and save lives?

The US FDA issued a Black Box warning (their highest level of warning) on combining these two kinds of drugs as far back as September 2017.

Yet Health Canada is sitting on its hands, a pattern that goes back decades.

Once again the CBC is doing the government’s job because they refuse to do it, even four years after Vanessa’s Law received Royal Assent.

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Benzodiazepines alone can lead to addiction and ruin lives.


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The End of Privacy?


The End of Privacy in Canada? If it’s digital, it’s leak-able.

The Trudeau government loves secrets. Especially yours.

Stats Canada crossed a line recently that no government should ever cross, secretly using federal power to demand our banks provide information on the transactions of half a million Canadians; the sort of information that police have to plead a federal judge to get.
These are financial transactions that no one is meant to see: credit bureau info, phone records, electricity bills and real time transactions.

Imagine a bureaucrat in Ottawa watching the numbers on your account as you stop at the LCBO, pay the doctor for your face-lift or pick up your prescriptions – knowing they also access your name, address, social insurance numbers and more.

Should you be concerned? Well 74% of Canadians oppose having these records accessed.
I believe your personal financial information belongs to you.

Yet Canada Revenue Agency employees have been spying for years on their relatives, spouses mothers-in-law, neighbours and others by sneaking into their confidential tax files, despite a $10-million CRA project meant to prevent it.

CBC News says the files of at least 10,000 Canadians were recently compromised by the agency’s employees. No wonder. An estimated 24,000 Revenue Canada employees have access to confidential tax files.

What did Justin Trudeau say in the House of Commons when Stats Canada was caught snooping?

“Mr. Speaker, this government will always make sure that Canadians’ privacy is protected. Statistics Canada will use anonymized data for statistical purposes only. No personal information will be made public.”

OK then. Nothing to see here! Everybody go home.

Because we all know that private information like this has never been leaked or hacked. Right?

No. Leaks and hacking have become the norm. Cyber-security experts tell corporations and governments that it is not a matter of will your records be hacked. It’s only a matter of when.

Recently an unnamed individual accessed the records of 4,500 marijuana customers from Canada Post. Wiki-leaks has millions of government records. Marriott Hotels recently had 500 million records hacked. And it began when a U.S government agency was hacked in 2014, believed to be by Chinese Intelligence Operations.

Have you stayed at a Sheraton, Westin, W Hotel, St. Regis, Aloft, Le Meridian Tribute, Four Points or Luxury Collection brand hotel in the last four years? Well the Chinese government may know your name, birthdate, address, phone numbers, e-mail address and passport number.

So, no. Most people do not believe that private information on government or corporate computer systems will be never be made public. Only Justin Trudeau does. Why should you care?

Private banking transactions could expose health issues that make it difficult for people to get life insurance or a job, place people at risk of blackmail or credit fraud, or expose those in witness protection.

The Liberals do not believe Canadians should have their personal banking information and shopping habits kept private. Most Conservatives do. And I do.

The kind of snooping that takes place in China and North Korea should have no place in Canada.

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More evidence that a carbon tax will do nothing to reduce greenhouse gasses.

Trudeau’s federal carbon tax is coming to Ontario on January 1st. Unless he backs down and breaks yet another promise.

Note: You know you need a new government when the best you can hope for is that the current government will break yet another promise!

Do you waste any energy in your family?  We don’t. We drive fuel efficient cars and drive less than before. I have a lifelong habit inherited from my father of turning off lights as I leave a room. Gloria watches our house temperature like a hawk to save energy and uses heavy appliances off-hours.

So a carbon tax on everything would not change anything for us except raise the cost of everything we buy. But we are lucky. Many people have to choose between buying groceries and paying their electricity bill.

When did it become OK for governments to create hardship for working people?

But if the CEO of WestJet is right and the airline industry in Canada is killed by this tax, visiting our granddaughter in Edmonton would get very expensive. Imagine Air Canada prices if they had a monopoly.

WestJet earns $14 profit on each passenger and the carbon tax would diminish that, making price increases necessary, or the cancellation of many routes. Or both.

And how many discount American airlines will want to fly those routes in Canada and pay extra for fuel before they take off again?

The bottom line is people won’t stop flying. Passengers will simply fly more out of U.S airports and on U.S airlines, emitting greenhouse gasses into our common air to boost the U.S. economy instead of ours.

“A carbon tax is probably the worst tool that you can envisage for aviation if you want to reduce emissions,” says Massimo Bergamini, an airlines lobby group spokesperson.

The Liberals have already lowered the carbon tax for our largest industrial polluters, because they finally figured out industry can take their jobs to the U.S. and keep polluting at no extra cost.

The carbon tax is calculated to cost airlines in Canada $1 B billion/year by 2020.

Will the Liberals back down on the carbon tax for airlines as well, leaving home owners across Canada to subsidize big industry by $ 1B /year?

Liberal MP crosses the floor to the Conservatives!

Justin Trudeau is leaving average Canadians to despair that “their tomorrow will (not) be better than today, and that their children’s future will (not) be better than their’s.” With these words in Parliament Liberal MP Leona Alleslev, who is fed up with the command and control as well as broken promises, has done perhaps the hardest thing to do in parliament: to walk away from your caucus, party and leader. It is accordingly a rare event and requires courage. It does not surprise me. I can only imagine what kind of summer John Oliver and the other Liberals have had at public events listening to complaints about over 40 broken promises, huge deficits and failures to build pipelines or get a NAFTA deal. (“But Mr. Oliver, you promised me to return home delivery of my mail!”).

How many promises can one leader break? We are finding out. I know one Christian Parish in Oakville whose teens lost $400,000 worth of summer jobs because they refused to “attest” that their beliefs were not the core beliefs that Justin Trudeau and John Oliver demanded: You must believe what we believe or no summer jobs for you! Shame on them. This won’t be the last Liberal to walk away from Justin Trudeau’s sunny ways.