Over Forty Liberal Broken Promises

Photo: Alex Tétreault, National Observer

The Liberals have broken more promises than we can count, and have no regrets.       

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals made over 300 promises before and during the last election.   Over 40 are broken already. They refer to many others as “not being pursued” or “under way with challenges,” both of which mean broken.  

When so many promises are broken with no change of conditions and no good explanation, voters know they were duped. Such broken promises are a breach of trust that robs voters of their democratic choice. Such a high number of broken promises demonstrates incredible arrogance.  

Canada could do so much better with a leader with integrity, Andrew Scheer. Send me to Ottawa to work with Andrew on your behalf.     

To be fair, there are times in government when significant unexpected changes of conditions might make keeping an election promise bad for the country. For example, a major terrorist attack, a war, a recession, or even a minority government. But none of those apply in this case.  The Liberals just polled and promised to win the last election, with no integrity.

According to Trudeaumeter they’ve broken 40:   https://trudeaumetre.polimeter.org/

The mother of all Justin Trudeau’s broken promises was that the Liberals would have modest deficits up to $10 B and balance the books in four years. This was a ruse to make his wild spending promises appear affordable.

The Liberals also promised they would end of the first-past-the-post voting system, bring back door-to door mail delivery in Oakville and elsewhere, have free votes for Liberal MPs (outside their platform, Charter and confidence matters) reduce the small business tax to 9%, and end omnibus bills in parliament.  All broken.

I particularly remember seniors telling me they would vote for Oakville Liberal candidate John Oliver because he promised them he would return their door-to-door mail delivery. That was never going to happen.

John Oliver is now promising a national pharmacy-care program to win the next election. Free drugs for everyone. But with over 100 promises broken or not being pursued who can trust the Liberals to keep any promise?   

The promise of transparent government, for example Access to Information laws applying to Minister’s offices, the PMO and the courts is dead, and for a chuckle watch this video of Justin Trudeau’s Parliamentary Assistant NOT answering a question in the House, which happens daily in parliament, including a refusal to tell Canadians what the carbon tax will cost families.           


Here is one of our star Conservative female MPs Michelle Rempel patiently asking the Minister of Finance 15 questions regarding gender-based analysis of the carbon tax in his budget repeatedly, while he repeatedly evades and refuses to answer any of them, an insult to parliament and all Canadians.    


This Liberal government has become the most secretive I’ve seen.  I believe in transparency, fought for it for 18 years, and want to go back to Ottawa in 2019 to help ensure it is truly practiced in government. I need your support to make this happen.    


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Skyrocketing Debt

“Terence’s knowledge as a businessman, expertise on the pharmaceutical industry and ferocious defense of his constituents make him an extraordinary colleague to have on the Conservative Team in parliament.” 

-David Sweet MP, Ancaster-Dundas- Flamborough-Westdale

Massive out-of-control debt is a serious risk for our economy and Canadian social programs.   

My Conservative government invested tens of billions to fight the great recession of 2008-2009 ($60 million for infrastructure right here in Oakville) Then we accomplished the hardest thing to achieve in any government: balanced the budget while reducing personal and business taxes to the lowest levels in 50 years. The Liberals are doing the opposite.

Fiscal responsibility was abandoned by the Liberals within weeks of being elected, breaking their biggest election promise. Instead we have the worst of both higher taxes making life more difficult, and out of control debt. Their actions will grow the debt more until 2045.

Overspending and massive debt is the formula for crisis that caused financial ruin in Spain, Italy and Greece in the 2008 recession. Recessions occur on average about every ten years in Canada.

Our goal must be higher growth in our economy that is sustainable, and bright future for our children and grandchildren, not massive debt payments for life.

Canada’s finance department now shows the Liberals are planning deficits until 2045. We are facing 27 years of tax increases and new additional debt of $ 450 B.  When the next recession hits who will bail out Canada?

More importantly what programs would the Liberals slash to make those greater loan payments? How many businesses will close down or leave Canada when they raise taxes again?     

We’ve seen this movie before. Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s father practiced out of control borrowing and spending in the 1980s. Taxpayers paid one trillion dollars in interest alone by 2000. Imagine what services $ 1 Trillion could have provided.     

Tens of billions in new debt carries huge new interest payments.  And the next recession could hit Canada harder because the last Liberal budget did nothing to address changes in the US economy which could easily turn from helping us to hurting us.

NAFTA is under current threat. U.S consumers buy over 70% of everything we make and the U.S. President needs to show he has amended NAFTA to protect U.S jobs.

Looming Dangers:

The U.S Congress just lowered corporate taxes and our corporate tax advantage is now gone. Congress is allowing write-offs of machinery and equipment over one year, and huge corporations like Apple to bring home tens of billions of corporate dollars at a 15% tax rate.

Yet the last Liberal budget did nothing to address changes in the US economy which will hurt us. Some employers like Royal Dutch Shell and Marathon Oil have already left Canada. Even renewable energy companies like NextEra have left Canada behind. Investment per worker at 59 cents is the lowest on record and heading down. 

The Liberals are introducing a new carbon tax on everything and refuse to tell us what it will cost: They claim it will have a low cost while it may actually have a high cost for working people. We are left to guess.


Canada’s economy loses $ 15 B/year because we can’t get our oil to tidewater.  Due to failed Liberal polices we have only one possibility left – the promised Kinder-Morgan pipeline, now purchased by the Liberals. Will that be a promise they keep, or another broken promise?

I am never satisfied when Canadians earn less, pay more for goods, and have far higher taxes than Americans. Are you?         

Let me work in Ottawa to build our economy for you and yours in Oakville, and for all Canadians in our future.

Help me win the coming Oakville nomination and start working for a strong sustainable economy in Ottawa.    


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Attack On Our Charter Freedoms

“Terence is fearless in standing up to those who would undermine human rights and fairness”

– Gary Will, Oakville Lawyer  

Our Charter freedoms of conscience, religion, thought and belief are under attack by Justin Trudeau and his caucus. The Liberals are to trying silence dissenting voices and punish those who disagree with them. This is what happens in 3rd world dictatorships, not democracies.       

Over 1500 groups, including Christian, Muslim, and Jewish youth groups have been blacklisted by the Liberals from the $230 M summer jobs program simply because of what they believe. This makes all people who don’t agree with the Liberals second-class citizens and constitutes illegal discrimination. It goes directly against our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the highest law in Canada and thankfully is facing court challenges.

The Charter was created to protect all Canadians from governments trying to silence those who hold different views, exactly what the Liberals are doing! — identifying and punishing them, and preventing others from hearing them.  

I will always stand up for our Charter rights. I want to join the Conservative Caucus in fighting this unconstitutional policy in Ottawa.       

This is no minor misunderstanding. We have now seen inside the heart and mind of Justin Trudeau. He believes that he is above the Charter.  The Liberals can’t just say “Oops, we didn’t mean it,” when the Supreme Court overturns their policy. Millions of Canadians today left their birth countries to get away from such abuses of power.   

But I am shocked to watch Oakville MP John Oliver and other Liberal MPs, who claim to be ‘the party of the Charter’, behave like sheep while Justin, the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who personally promoted and nurtured the Charter in 1982, decides that it only applies to people who agree with him. Members of Parliament have a duty to hold the government to account. Liberal MPs are failing in that duty.     

The Charter protects the following freedoms as ‘fundamental’ rights, amongst others (a) freedom of conscience and religion; (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression. There is no gray area here.

The Liberals also blackmailed applicants by insisting they betray their conscience in exchange for taxpayer’s money for jobs, by attesting their beliefs aren’t their ‘core’ beliefs. This is compelled speech, also against the Charter, something totalitarian leaders practice.             

And Oakville MP John Oliver fully agrees with Justin Trudeau, voting against the following Conservative motion in parliament: 

That, in the opinion of the House, organizations that engage in non-political non-activist work, such as feeding the homeless, helping refugees, and giving kids an opportunity to go to camp, should be able to access Canada Summer Jobs funding regardless of their private convictions and regardless of whether or not they choose to sign the application attestation.  

(One principled Liberal voted for free expression, Newfoundland MP Scott Simms, and Trudeau fired him from his position as Chair of the Fisheries Committee. Well done Scott).

At least one group thinks stripping faith groups of their charitable status may be Liberal’s next move, to tax them like a business, uprooting Canadian history and forcing them to cut back on the loving charitable work they do across Canada.    


Why does this matter? Since before confederation places of worship in Canada have been realms where the state has no authority, an important bulwark against totalitarianism. That is a key reason the charter protects freedom of belief, and it is protected by our courts.

Justin Trudeau tells people what to say (“We say people kind”) but is now going much farther, coercing them what to believe. What could be next? But these attacks on freedom only happen when good people don’t stand up to autocratic leaders. The best way to do that is to vote the Liberals out in October 2019.    


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Radiation Safety Warnings

“Terence is compassionate, and fearless in using parliamentary power to help vulnerable people. ”  

– Stella Ambler, former Conservative MP, Mississauga South

Terence with MPs and members of Oakville’s Citizens for Safe Technology

My Private Member’s Bill requiring safety warnings on devices like cell-phones that emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) C-648: The Warning Labels for Radio Apparatus Act, had reached  2nd reading before the 2015 election. I believe it would have become law. It should be the law of Canada.  

However, health issues related to EMR have been pushed aside by the Liberal brain trust and are currently dead in parliament.

As MP for Oakville I will re-introduce this important bill in parliament to help inform all Canadians how to use such technologies safely.


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Vanessa’s Law Not Enforced

“There are some MPs who are such a force for people they should be elected no matter what party they are in. Terence is definitely one.”

–  Dr. Nancy Olivieri, medical doctor and researcher

Vanessa Young, age 15, just months before she died in 2000 from a prescription drug.

As MP I conceived a powerful bill to protect Canadians named after my daughter: Vanessa’s Law: The Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act; and galvanized both houses of parliament to pass it without dissent.  

But 3 1/2 years after Royal Assent the law is still not being enforced by the Liberals. In fact, they haven’t passed any regulations to empower the bill at all, and the draft regulations would gut its powers. This is ominous for patients. Send me back to Ottawa to ensure this does not stand.   

I understand this issue better than anyone and have a duty to go to Ottawa to defend Vanessa’s Law and ensure it is enforced.  

Every death is a tragedy. The Liberals have issued only one safety warning so far under the act, in May 2018 on opioids. This was too little and too late for the thousands Canadians who have died from opioid overdoses, and the 14 that die every day, let alone the hundreds of thousands who followed their prescriptions as directed and became addicted.   

Over ten thousand Canadians die every year due to prescription drugs used as prescribed with no error. Yet Health Canada keeps potentially life-saving information from drug trials secret for their “partners” in the Big Pharma companies, a clearly dangerous practice. Potentially life-saving information like how many people were injured or died during drug trials that must be transparent, as it is in the U.S.   

I spent eighteen years of my life fighting for transparency about the true risks of prescription drugs to patients.

The cover-ups were supposed to end under Vanessa’s Law. Yet the government has put up so many roadblocks, nothing has changed.  

Send me to Ottawa to ensure that Vanessa’s Law does not continue to sit on a shelf collecting dust while patients are harmed and die.  

My track record shows I won’t back down when it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones. That is the only kind of resolve that will move parliament.  


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